• Michael Rosofsky

10 things to do if you are in a car accident

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Automobile insurance companies are in business to make a profit for their stockholders. You need an experienced personal injury attorney to represent your interests after an accident.

  1. The police may or may not come to the scene of the accident. Therefore, you should take photographs of the accident scene, the Defendant, all vehicles involved in the accident, including any property damage as a result of the crash. In addition, photograph the Defendant's driver's license, registration and insurance card in case you make a mistake or forget to record important information. In addition, photograph the position of all the vehicles, any signs or lights involved and the license plate of the Defendant's vehicle. If you were injured in the accident, seek appropriate medical care at the hospital or your healthcare professional as soon as possible. You may need to have a friend or relative take the photographs or obtain any of the above witness information.

  2. Obtain the name, address and phone number of all witnesses to the accident. If the Defendant disputes liability for the accident, an unbiased witness may be required to prove your case.

  3. Even if a police officer arrives at the scene of the crash, the officer may not prepare an accident report unless the property damage is significant or immediate personal injuries are apparent to the officer. If no immediate injuries are reported or if the injuries from the car accident are minor, the police officer will likely prepare an exchange of driver information sheet and give you each a copy. If there is significant property damage or apparent injuries, request the police officer prepare an an accident report. An accident report may contain information about statements made at the scene, describe fault and list witnesses to the crash. The accident report will preserve important details that are necessary because memories fade and sometimes the Defendant changes his or her story after the accident. Defendants will sometimes say one thing at the accident scene in the presence of the officer, but when the Defendant goes home and talks to their spouse or friends.

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