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Domestic Violence Order Defense Attorney in Annapolis, Maryland

At Law Offices Michael S. Rosofsky, we understand the damage that an order of protection against you can have on your life. A restraining order, injunction, or another type of civil directive could prevent you from seeing your family or even returning to your own home.

These orders place a range of restrictions on people accused of domestic violence, but in general, they force a person to stay away from the person who files the order and cease any form of contact with them. Our attorney will provide a strong defense aimed at protecting your rights and freedom in the Annapolis area and throughout Maryland.

How Protective Orders Work

All restraining orders are intended to protect victims of abuse by restricting the behavior of the targeted individual. This is meant to help people claiming abuse live without fear of harm. In some cases, however, the system doesn’t work as it should and people are treated unfairly due to a misunderstanding or issue with their relationship.

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Our criminal defense attorney can help you understand exactly how civil domestic violence orders are established and enforced in Maryland. These orders may take different names depending on the jurisdiction, but often include provisions such as:

  • Stay-away provisions — These provisions require the accused to stay a certain distance away from the person who filed the order and may be extended to protect children as well. Defendants may also need to stay away from the victim’s home, school, and place of business.

  • Cease-abuse provisions — These provisions specifically require an abuser to stop abusing or threatening to abuse the protected person or persons.

  • No-contact provisions — Most states allow orders preventing someone from attempting any contact with the protected person. This includes personal contact as well as contact by phone, computer, mail or even contact through a third party.

Other common provisions found in certain jurisdictions require the person the order is filed against to surrender firearms or to pay spousal or child support. Some states even issue orders allowing the person seeking the order to take sole possession of vehicles or living space by forcing the person listed in the order to move out. Regardless of the specific language, we will make every effort to undo any unwarranted restrictions or directives.

Standing up for Clients in Modification & Enforcement Actions

After a protective order or a similar type of injunction or restraint has been enacted, you do have options. Our firm works to modify directives that overreach or whose terms do not reflect the current circumstances.

It is particularly important to seek revisions in cases where the order prevents you from maintaining a close relationship with your child. If you’ve been accused of violating the terms of a domestic violence order, we can vigorously counter false claims against you and work to stop any unfair punishment.

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If someone has sought an order of protection to limit your rights, Law Offices Michael S. Rosofsky in Annapolis will provide the skilled and efficient representation you need. Call or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at my office.