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Contract Dispute Attorney in Annapolis, Maryland

Contracts are at the center of every real estate transaction, insurance policy, business relationship, and any other endeavor where the parties need to fulfill certain obligations. Modern society depends heavily on contracts because without contracts, many things in life could not function.  

However, having a contract does not mean disagreements can't happen. In fact, contract disputes are an all-too-common occurrence. When a dispute arises over a contract, it can turn into a civil litigation battle. And when you have an attorney on call to help, you can win that battle.  

At the Law Offices Michael S. Rosofsky, we understand that timely and favorable resolution to a contract dispute is critical for our clients. That is why our contract dispute attorney in Annapolis, Maryland, is committed to providing personalized and strategic legal solutions tailored to every client’s unique needs and circumstances.

Our law firm serves clients throughout Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County.  

How Contract Disputes Occur

When two or more parties add their signatures at the bottom of a contract, they agree to abide by its contents. When one party thinks the other party didn’t do something that they promised under the contract, they can start a contract dispute.  

A dispute may also occur when the parties do not agree on the meaning of a contractual term. Either way, any type of dispute can disrupt the financial well-being of the contractual parties.  

In many cases, disputes occur because of ambiguous language in the contract. When a contract is written poorly, it may not take into account various situations that may arise throughout its duration. When the terms of the contract are unclear, there is a greater potential for misinterpretation and misunderstanding.  

Regardless of what side of a dispute you find yourself on, Law Offices Michael S. Rosofsky can help.

With over 25 years of experience, our attorney can help you seek compensation for any losses you have incurred by the other party’s breach of contract or establish a defense to avoid or minimize your liability if you are being accused of a breach.  

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Types of Contract Disputes We Handle

Our contract dispute attorney at Law Offices Michael S. Rosofsky, advises and represents clients in regard to a broad range of contracts, including but not limited to: 

  • Real estate contracts 

  • Insurance contracts 

  • Business contracts 

  • Lease agreements 

  • Purchase agreements 

  • Landlord/tenant contracts 

  • Condominium covenants 

  • Non-compete agreements 

  • Non-disclosure agreements 

  • Confidentiality agreements 

  • Terms of employment 

  • Financing contracts 

Whether you are looking to assert or defend your contractual rights, our contract dispute attorney in Annapolis, Maryland, can help. We also assist clients before any issues arise.  

When entering into a contract, you can contact Law Offices Michael S. Rosofsky so we can help you review and understand the terms of the contract to reduce the potential for misinterpretation and misunderstanding and, if necessary, negotiate more favorable terms. Planning ahead can help minimize the risk of a future contract dispute.  

How Can We Help You Resolve Your Contract Dispute?

When our contract dispute attorney takes your case, we strive to resolve it in the most cost-effective way that meets your goals and aligns with your interests.

We understand that going to court can exacerbate the financial burden caused by the dispute itself, which is why we do our best to avoid litigation whenever possible. However, sometimes litigation is the best and only way to put an end to a dispute.  

When exploring possible ways to resolve a contract dispute, there are two main resolution options:  

  1. Out-of-court negotiations. Often, the parties may be able to come to an agreement without the need for formal litigation. This can be done through negotiations, which can save both time and money when compared to formal court proceedings. More importantly, negotiating a solution to a contract dispute helps preserve the integrity of a professional relationship between the parties. Going to court, on the other hand, can aggravate the hostilities, making any future relationships between the parties less likely. In some cases, out-of-court negotiations may involve mediation or arbitration as two legally binding alternatives to litigation.  

  1. Litigation. When the parties decide to take their contract dispute to court, it will be up to the judge or jury to decide the case in favor of one side or the other. Often, resolving a dispute through litigation will require the judge or jury to look at the terms of the contract to understand each party’s obligations. However, as mentioned earlier, litigation can be a costlier, more time-consuming, and more hostile process compared to out-of-court negotiations. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), 97% of all tort claims are settled out of court, so it is unlikely that your contract dispute will reach trial. 

Our contract dispute attorney in Annapolis, Maryland, can explain your options and advise you on the best path forward in terms of relief.

Our attorney at Law Offices Michael S. Rosofsky is a skilled negotiator with plenty of litigation experience, which makes him uniquely well-equipped for both out-of-court negotiations and formal court proceedings.  

Annapolis Contract Dispute Attorney 

Whether you are looking to enforce a contract or defend yourself against breach of contract accusations, Law Offices Michael S. Rosofsky can help. Our contract dispute attorney in Annapolis, Maryland, assists clients in devising resolution strategies that align with their objectives and big-picture goals. If you are ready to discuss how we can help, feel free to schedule a free consultation.