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In 2021, according to statista, there were 1.6 divorces per 1,000 inhabitants in Maryland. A marital dissolution can have a significant impact on the finances of the unemployed or lower-earning spouse. However, to reduce the financial implications of the divorce, the court may award alimony or spousal support to the spouse who needs financial assistance during or after the divorce. Any amount received as spousal support payments can help cater to the financial needs and living expenses of the recipient post-divorce. 

If you're considering divorce and want to know your rights and options with alimony, you must speak with an experienced Maryland family law attorney for reliable advocacy. With over 25 years of experience, we have the diligence and expertise to advise and guide clients in divorce and alimony-related matters. As your legal team, we can analyze the situation and determine your eligibility to pay or receive alimony. In addition, we will advocate for your best interests and help ensure that you're financially stable post-divorce. 

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Overview of Alimony/Spousal Support in Maryland

Alimony is a court-ordered financial support, payment, or provision from one spouse to their estranged partner for a specific period. In Maryland, the court may order the higher-earning spouse to provide financial assistance to the lower-earning or unemployed spouse during or after the divorce. 

Types of Alimony

Here are the different types of alimony that are recognized in Maryland: 

Temporary Alimony 

Temporary or pendente lite alimony is a short-term support that is usually awarded to a spouse who needs assistance with daily expenses and attorney fees. The temporary support will end once the court finalizes the divorce or issues a new alimony order. 

Rehabilitative Alimony 

In Maryland, rehabilitative support is often awarded if the lower-earning spouse needs financial assistance and time to complete their education or training or acquire a new skill to find employment and become self-supportive. 

Indefinite Alimony 

However, the judge may award indefinite or permanent alimony in exceptional cases where the recipient spouse is unable to find employment and become financially independent. Such instances may be due to critical illness, infirmity, old age, or disability. Permanent alimony will end when the supported spouse remarries or dies. 

Who Is Entitled to Alimony/Spousal Support?

However, alimony is not awarded based on gender. In the state of Maryland, alimony will be awarded when: 

  • One spouse needs financial assistance. 

  • The other spouse has the ability and resources to pay. 

A seasoned family law attorney can examine your eligibility to pay or receive alimony and help you understand how the amount, type, and duration of spousal support is determined. 

Determination of Type, Amount, and Duration

In order to determine the amount, type, and duration of alimony, the judge will consider the factors below: 

  • The length of the marriage. 

  • The marital standard of living established before the divorce. 

  • The ability of the supported spouse to become partly or completely self-supporting. 

  • The time needed by the supported spouse to gain education, training, or skills to find employment. 

  • The age, mental health, and physical condition of each spouse. 

  • The monetary and nonmonetary contributions of either spouse to the well-being of the family. 

  • The circumstances that contributed to the spouse's divorce. 

  • The ability of the paying spouse to remain financially independent while paying alimony. 

  • The financial need of each spouse. 

  • Any other factor deemed relevant by the court. 

An experienced attorney can evaluate your personal situation and work intelligently with both parties to address and settle alimony issues peacefully. 

Making Changes to the Current Alimony/Spousal Support Agreement

However, alimony orders are not set in stone. In order to change a spousal support arrangement, the requesting spouse must show that there has been a substantial change in circumstance since the existing decree was made. Some common reasons to seek the modification of an alimony order include: 

  • Increase or decrease in income 

  • Involuntary loss of employment. 

  • Remarriage 

  • Increase in the cost of living. 

  • The recipient spouse isn't making reasonable efforts to become self-supportive. 

  • Changes in life circumstances. 

  • A serious illness or disability. 

  • The receiving spouse has become self-supporting and no longer needs alimony payments. 

When Does Alimony End?

However, unless agreed otherwise, spousal support will end when: 

  • Either spouse dies. 

  • The recipient spouse remarries. 

  • The court deems it necessary to terminate alimony for fairness. 

A skilled spousal support attorney can fight vigorously for your rights and help you navigate crucial decisions in your alimony matters. 

Work With an Experienced Family Law Attorney

Establishing a fair alimony arrangement and divorce settlement with your soon-to-be ex-partner can bring complications. It is important that you know the eligibility requirements, the amount and duration of alimony, and the conditions to change or terminate support. Therefore, consulting with an experienced family law attorney is imperative for detailed guidance and to protect your legal rights. 

At the Law Offices Michael S. Rosofsky, we're ready and poised to support and guide clients through the complex procedures involved in establishing or modifying alimony arrangements. Also, we have the resources to evaluate your conditions, determine your eligibility for support, and help file your petition. In addition, we will work diligently to negotiate a fair support agreement and help make your transition as seamless as possible.

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